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As I had said it had allowed for me to present convincing arguments. In my English class I never had truly try to convince a person that something was right and something else was wrong. I had to mainly explain things and why they were the way that they were. In this class, I had learnt that I had to make sure that genre matched up to make my paper credible and the effects of what could happen if it did not, like with.

I feel very confident that not only that I can write and make sure genres match up, but that I would be able to spot when they did not match up.

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When a person is doing a genre analysis they want to make sure that what they are presenting matches up with what they are talking about, for example a person cannot write a short story in the form of a report. Also a person cannot take a report and present it in a fashion that is unprofessional. In either of these cases the points that the author is trying to get across will not be taken seriously.

This class had taught me many things about writing, at the same time it had taught me many things about arguing too. I feel that having the power to argue with someone and express your opinion, and listen to theirs is a great skill to possess. This class worked my arguing skills not only on paper, but in the conversations that I have as well. I learnt that if you can draw people in that feel the same way that you do about an issue, you can use their credibility to boost your own.

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  • I also learnt that if you can predict what your opponent is going to say and counter there argument before they have a chance to bring it up, you have a better chance to win the argument. To me, one of the biggest things that I had taken away from this class is how to argue with someone better and be more persuasive.

    In this class the hardest thing for me was the research. I had never had to use to research a topic before. Unsurprisingly, learning a completely new concept was hard for me. I am glad I had learned how to research a topic though and differentiate between good and bad sources. As I had gone over before I went into English thinking that it was going to be a lame English class that I was not going to be able to make much away from.

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    I was wrong though. This class had helped me become more of active thinker in the way that I approached problems, and helped me to better understand that there is more than one way to approach a problem too. It showed me everything is not black and white, when it comes to writing and the real world as well. I feel that this view on things will help me carry on as a better college student, and help better make my decisions. I always felt that my writing ability was never enough for my professors throughout the previous years.

    They always wanted clear and concise essays, which for some reason was unreachable by me.

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    However, starting college and taking English helped me with my weaknesses and changed my technique of writing essays Better Essays words 1. The endless hours writers spend to coherently express their thoughts has never been brought to my attention until now. Feedback from professors and peers have inspired me to learn from my mistakes and move on. However, I still struggle to make relevant connections through my writing, but the more I write, the better I get.

    Although I have repeated my mistakes, positive comments from professors support my efforts in voicing a position Throughout my high school experience, my English class never served as my strong point and constantly got myself frustrated and confounded. Throughout my companions, I heard positive input on English class and I thought it was going to be solely about bettering our grammatical skills and composing various papers.

    Due to that I was exceptionally energized and excited for this class because I never had an instructor before who really helped me through my writing processes The first essay was a good start for me since it was on a topic that I could easily relate to which helped me get my toes wet.

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    After that it got a little more challenging since we started on research papers. I learned quickly that it takes quite a bit more time and patience. In high school, we were not required to use library sources, so it was much easier to find sources I would rather express myself through art rather then words. I think this is because I never knew where to begin when I was giving a writing assignment.

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    During the journey to complete my first semester of English came along may challenges that I had to face, but ended up over coming them. Within this class I was able to benefit from a variety of new things as well as refreshing my memory on things that I already knew. I have learned different writing techniques, different learning styles, and I learned how to find and properly use different sources The English curriculum has not only taught me how to write in general, but also taught me a variety of ways to get my point across to the reader.

    Before I took English I was an average writer at best, but now that I am taking a class that focuses on writing strategies I feel that I have been able to improve as a writer. During the course we were taught how to write an informative essay as well as how to write a persuasive essay What I Learned in Writing Essay. Essay Preview. Read Full Essay Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper.

    Need Writing Help? Questions On Writing And Writing Essay - This semester in english composition we have learned many techniques to master the writing process.