Short essay on- i am proud to be an indian

Would we be sitting here laughing and smiling over good times? Would we be here freely walking our walks, liesurely doing the things we love, would we be given chances to build our hopes and dreams again, would we be free? I'm a proud Indian, breathing the great Indian air, walking on the great Indian land, sometimes running under the beautiful Indian skies, even dreaming the Indian dreams.

Why I'm Proud to be Indian.

I'm a proud Indian who is proud to say India has completed 61 years of Independence day. And I'll always be proud to tell of them, who walked the extra miles to gain the freedom we have today.

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Happy Independence Day! Thanks for telling your views for the country you have a good knowledge about our country thanks for this because I want write the article in my dairy I take some few lines form you.

Indian Essay

View More. My parents were staunch followers of Islam. At home, after my morning prayers and riyaaz, i would go to a madrasa and pray. In the evening, i used to go to a temple and then come home to learn tabla again.

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No priest or mullah prevented me from doing what i did — i was welcomed into every house of God and i felt blessed in each place. I grew up with this multireligious faith imbibed in me. Harmony is within us — only when we allow the outside world to disturb our inner peace, do we feel distanced from each other. Political parties do have scores to settle and sadly, sometimes people beyond the ambit of petty politics also have to bear the brunt.

Today, times are tough because certain segments of society are pitting one Indian against another — that is absolutely wrong.

The media often adds fuel to this fire in order to increase its TRPs — that is where things need to be corrected. Religion is a way of life. Music is the way of life for me — therefore, it is my religion.

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And this religion encompasses all religions in the world. I love her and she loves me, that is it. Well, the first challenge every artiste has to overcome is staleness in art.

A Short Essay & Paragraph on My Motherland

Tabla is about spontaneity. Sometimes, there is a creative block though which can be difficult to overcome. Another challenge for accomplished artistes is to know that you are not the best — i constantly strive to better myself.

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  4. You were the original heart-throb of Indian classical music — is there anyone as cool as you now? I offered my best to audiences the world over.

    I am a proud Indian

    I pray that enemies can not attack her border and that her citizens will not be victims of sorrow and suffering. I am very lucky if I sacrifice my life for the security of my country. Peace is wonderful, humanity is great, war is great. I am proud of that.