Qualities of a good parent essay

The kids know that their father is always there whenever they want some help or whenever they are in trouble. You are the source of encouragement to your kid. You are the happiest when they succeed and you are the one who will make them strive better if they fail.

Qualities of a Good Parent Essay

Your words will make a world of difference to your child. Your words have the power to make or break them. A good father takes out time to listen to their children. He gives his kids undivided attention and tries to understand things from their perspective. As the head of the family, the father is responsible for giving a decent living for his children, be it a home, food, education or love, security, and attention.

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Children do well when they see their parents working together. A good father teaches his children how to respect their mother, and this he does by respecting his partner. He honors her views and does not argue with her in front of the kids. This sends the right message to the children that their parents work together, and they need to respect them both equally.

If the dad is at home, it is a fun time for kids. He plays with them, shares some tricks and shortcuts, makes their artwork easy, and their homework enjoyable. He involves them in things he likes to do. Television, laptops, and phones are put aside. A father teaches lessons not just for academics but about life. He shows how children can channelize their emotions when met with failure or disappointment, how they can use their energy for their good, how they can plan their careers or study hours. Fathers need time to adjust to their new role just as mothers do.

What Are Traits of Good Parents?

Time spent in emotional and physical preparation to become a father can make all the difference to how the fathers feel when the baby arrives. There are certain things that you can do:. Your wife is going through a big change in her life. Her body, mind, and priorities are set to change, and you are the one she seeks support from:. New fathers generally underestimate the change a newborn will bring to their family. But after they have a baby, they realize that they are having lesser sleep, lesser money, and lesser sex than before! It may take some time for you to have strong feelings for your baby.

Toddlerhood gives wings to your child to go around and explore the places. They may not know what is safe and what is not, and this means you are busy protecting them 24X7.

How To Be Involved With Your Child At Various Stages Of Their Life?

Also, this is the time the kids are enthusiastic about learning new things. The child has grown big enough to go to school. But they may not like the new development; they might refuse to accept their new routine. You need to convince them about the goodness of formal education. Also, you need to be there for them while they struggle with the first books of their academics.

You cannot be too involved with your children at this stage as they crave for freedom. They do not like if you are snooping on them. But this does not mean that you withdraw from your responsibility of taking care of them. Most parenting requirements are the same for a girl and a boy, but a father needs to understand the subtle changes that he needs to make.

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  • For boys, their dad is a role model while for a girl he is a superhero who will influence her self-esteem and sense of identity. Let us first tell you that there is no way to be a good or a bad father. Your family is unique and so are the circumstances in which you nurture your children.

    You are the person who sets rules at home, and you are the one who enforces them. Children need both support and discipline. It is easy for the parents to split the jobs, with the mother being soft and father being tough.

    Descriptive Essay on Good Parent

    Only you know that you love them, and you are enforcing the rules for their good. Make them know your softer side so that they understand why you are tough sometimes.

    How To Be A Great Parent - Motivational Video

    As a child, you must have seen your father just the way your sons see you now. Now that you are a father, you can understand your dad better. You will realize the rationale between the way he behaved with you on certain occasions. This understanding will help you correct your way of parenting your sons. You will know what will hurt him and what will make him see your point. Talk to your father, ask him about his struggle when you were a kid, take his advice, as he has been there and seen that.

    When your son comes to you for a solution, help him do it by himself. Support and guide him, tell him what you did when you were in such a situation, but let him deal with it. Do not jump to do the work for him. It is the only thing that you can truly give. Dedicate a certain slot every day for one-on-one time with your son and let him decide what you will both do together.

    You may play football together, watch TV, read a book or bake a cake. He gets your undivided attention, he gets, for a change, to be in control, and you get to discover the inner life of your son. Do not avoid the topic. If you do, your son will get information from elsewhere, and that could be harmful to him. Make him understand the changes in his body, talk about the sexual urges he might have, explain the relationship that he should have with women and how he should behave with them.

    Do not hesitate to apologize to your wife, your kids or anybody else. Remember, you son is watching you, and he will emulate you. Love and respect your partner. Your son will know that he needs to respect women. Above all, he will respect his mother and understands that he needs to listen to his mother as much as he listens to you.

    Being a man, you can understand your son well, and empathize with him. You know what he is going through as a child or a teenager or a grown up man. However, with daughters it is different. You need to make an effort to put yourself in her shoes, and that is not easy. Fathers have an ability to influence the lives of their daughters — either positively or negatively.

    How a dad behaves with his daughter will decide how she thinks of herself and how she expects to be treated by other men in her life. Girls need the following intangibles from their fathers:. Give her what she deserves. A dad plays a big role in how a girl feels about herself. She is less likely to look out for approval of others to develop her self-esteem and self-image.

    Thread: Characteristics of Good Parents: Please correct my essay. Good post? What are the characteristics of a good parent? Word Count Parents play a major role in the life of a child. I believe that ideal parents should be of good moral character, good listener and patience. Parents should have good moral character, because they are the role models of children. For instance, my parents do not smoke, gamble or drink. They express virtue in all their actions. They have been my idol all my life, because they were able to raised six children so well and none of us went astray.

    Furthermore, being a good listener is very important. When parents have time to listen to their children, the communication is open between parties. To illustrate, my brother failed his science subject in school. My parents did not judge or scold him, instead they talked to him and listened to his concerns. They found out that he did not understand his lesson well because of his assigned seat. He was sitting next to an air conditioner, and it bothered him.

    Having patience has a lot to do with parenting. Although children behavior gets out of hand sometimes due to certain issues like mood, parents exert extra mile of patience to comfort them with love and care. For example, my sister when she was in her elementary years, she refused to attend school.