Proud of country essay

O ne of the fine debates I have came across many times is the battle between the nationalists and patriots.

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And ridiculous. I think in the end, nationalists will win such a debate.

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But it does not necessarily mean the one is right. I am a patriot, I am proud of my country and what it has accomplished. I am happy with what it have. I am not a nationalist because I do not think my country or culture is superior to anyone.

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I do not think anything and everything my country do is right. I will object to my government or even the army if they do something inappropriate. There is a fine difference between thinking of a patriot and nationalist. I am a patriot and supports my country for what it tries to achieve.

Patriotism is love for the land and people of my country but nationalism is hate for the land and people outside of it. They are not same. One is love, the other is hate. One is positive, the other is negative.

Because I am not only a responsible citizen of my country but also a responsible citizen of globe. World is made of all kinds of people. I have to respect the cultures, ideas and values of everyone.

Essay on I am Proud of my Country ( Pakistan )

Not just mine. With patriotism comes acknowledgement of world around me. It creates a sounding and peaceful environment for the human kind to grow. Because the lack of it was payed by bloodshed. Because nationalism lives by the idea that one country, culture or race is somehow superior to the other. No matter what the country does, I being a nationalist will blindly support it.

Why patriotism is right

It does not accompany any solid facts. It does not show love for the land. It does not make me feel the land should be improvised. All it makes me do is to blindly justify everything. There is no scope for progress in such an environment.

Be proud of your country and your planet

There is only scope for war and bloodshed. Nationalism creates hatred between nations. Nationalism leads to conflict across borders. It results in war and bloodshed. There are many mountains in my country therefore it is called mountainous country. Many rivers flow from mountain to the hills and plain land of terai. My country Nepal is divided into three geographical regions and five development regions.

My Country Essay India For Kids for Class 1, 2

My country Nepal which is very small in the world map but to me my country whether it is small or big it is world for me. History of country Nepal is very powerful. All the pages of history are filled with hot and red blood of national heroes.

My country Nepal is the Yam between two big stones. I mean it is between the two biggest country India and China. They are living in peaceful environment. Tists are attracted by country by which country can move ahead in its economic status.

i am proud of my country

Foreign currency which tist left in country helps to make country more developed. We Nepalese people do not need the big building, expensive things etc. We are happy by the smell of rhodonderon. We are happy by the natural beauties which are located in country. Yes it is true green forest are wealth for country. Many rivers, green forest, mountains, lake, etc. My country Nepal is heaven for me. I love my country very much. I fill proud to say that I am Nepali, my country which is full of natural beauties is everything for me what I want.