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Next Post. Join Our Mailing List! Recent Popular Categories. Kat's Lists 1 Fisher V. Recent Posts. These may all seem like trivial aspects of your life — but they give insight into who you really are. Running a mile everyday for a year shows college admissions officers that you have the drive and hard-work necessary to continue something for an entire year while eating dessert only once a week demonstrates your self-control and discipline.

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You may not have received recognition for these actions as many may not even know that you are doing them , but they mean something to you. Another way to approach this essay is to talk about a personal challenge you had to overcome. Maybe it was a social problem you had to face in high school forcing you to stand up for a close friend, or a friend that passed away.

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These type of situations may not come off directly as proud accomplishments, but can be turned around to demonstrate how proud you are afterwards for sticking up for that friend or for being able to move on and be level-headed after that funeral. These type of situations show college admissions officers that you are able to turn lemons into lemonade. This option allows you to be completely creative and take a bold risk.

You could write about a community service project you are part of, why you think McDonalds is better than the West Coast In-N-Out, or your passion for figure skating even though you always fall.

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The best essays will be ones where you unleash your inner personality and give insight into who you really are. You can take this in two ways. If you are funny, take a jab and write a humorous piece about the life of a high school AP Chemistry student. If you are very serious, maybe take time to reflect on how being serious your entire life has helped, or even hurt, you.

Notre Dame wants you to take that risk with this essay and really express who you are keep in mind you only have words to do this though. If you have taken a creative writing class, or done some personal writing that is on the more creative side, this is the prompt for you. Explore with different forms of writing — poetry, satire, comedy, or even an extremely short word story. This will be sure to stand out from the other applicants. If you feel uncomfortable with creative writing, you can go the more traditional route and talk freely about something you are passionate about. This more traditional essay pairs well if you have dedicated your past four years towards something you are really passionate about whether that be a certain political movement, club that you started, an organization you are on the board for, or research that you have done every summer.

If you have something like that, this essay gives you the opportunity to expand on why those personal projects mean so much to you. So be sure to have other people read your essay especially someone who might not know you well! Want help on your Notre Dame application or essays?

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Learn more about how our Applications Program can help your chances of admission. Get Essay Help. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you choose your prompts, especially for Notre Dame: Which prompts will allow you to really showcase your personality especially aspects of generosity and true character? Which prompts are you more passionate about?

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Which prompts do you think will allow you to have a stronger, more confident voice? Which prompts will allow you to discuss something meaningful that cannot be found anywhere else in your application? Which prompts will allow you to further showcase your desire to attend Notre Dame? Calculate Your Chances. Questbridge Application at questbridge. Please provide a response to the following question: What excites you about the University of Notre Dame that makes it stand out from other institutions?

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What is one way that you have made an impact in your community? If you were to bring a new friend to your hometown and give them a personal tour, what is a meaningful place you would show them?