Neil postman defending against the indefensible thesis


Politics is about power, grabbing power at any cost. That I can understand. The question is why those in power are so hell bent on keeping us poor, divided, marginalised and communal. I could not remember a time when people were afraid to share their views on matter of national or societal importance. So much for being politically savvy. Elections will be always remembered as the watershed elections in India.

neil postman defending against the indefensible thesis

A lot of people are hoping that it will change the destiny of India. I only wish that the political discourse in the country changes for better. I wish some day we are able to discuss real issues that India is facing and believe me it is not secularism.

How many thousands of years this great country will have to wait before we can provide clean drinking water and a hole to shit for all Indians. We start answering this and we may get somewhere. Till then politics in our country will remain family owned business. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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What was considered "right" to Hitler was very contrary to what was right to Churchill during World War Two. Students who can understand the meanings of these small words will be able to understand how the media, politicians, and preachers may try to mislead or cover up. Fourth, students must realize how much metaphors are used in the english language. Not only are metaphors used so commonly, they also greatly influence the way we think about things.

All subjects are based on metaphors.

Education is currently seen as a business with the students as the clients. Language is a tree with deep roots. Metaphors are a cornerstone to how we grasp concepts and understand.

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Accessed 06, Page 1 of 4. This is the confusing of words with things.

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It is with reification, that we can manipulate words to help us conceal ideas. Words like ethnic cleansing or final solution make a concept sound like it is a good thing, yet it really involves the massacre of millions of people. Reification displays to us that a person's word choice is profoundly influential to how we perceive a concept If at our website you can not find any essay you need for your study, you can order a paper on any topic with us.

Our company employs only qualified writers that are Master's and PhD holders. Reification displays to us that a person's word choice is profoundly influential to how we perceive a concept.

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