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Different places have different natural resources. When people do not have a certain resource they need, they can either replace it with another resource, or trade with another country to get the resource. People have sometimes fought to have them for example, spices , water, arable farmland , gold , or petroleum. When people do not have some resources, their quality of life can get lower.

So, people protect resources. When they can not get clean water, people may become ill ; if there is not enough wood, trees will be cut and the forest will disappear over time deforestation ; if there are not enough fish in a sea, people can die of starvation. Renewable resources include crops , wind, hydroelectric power, fish, and sunlight. Many people carefully save their natural resources so that others can use them in future.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Categories : Natural resources Economics Factors of production. At present, total global production is nearly enough to match the human demand for energy, materials etc. The resources are not equally distributed throughout the world. We can realize the value of resource only when it is rather scarce.

Over exploitation threatens most of our natural resources now.

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This is owing to several reasons. One of the main reasons is the growth in population. The consumption of natural resources is on an increase continually owing to the rapid population growth. Deforestation is another cause for the depletion of natural resources. Land is being used for urbanization. This has led to the loss of wildlife and trees. The raw material derived from them is thus decreasing by the day. The growing pollution is affecting the water bodies negatively. The coming generations may have to face scarcity of water that was once available in abundance.

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Natural resources are the resources that are made available by nature. Man does not have to work to derive these resources. Some of the examples of natural resources include water, air, sunlight, wood, minerals and natural gases. While many of the natural resources are available abundantly in nature others take time to form and are not available as freely.

While the characteristics and use of each natural resource is different from the other, these have broadly been classified in two categories. These are the renewable natural resources and non-renewable natural resources. Here is a look at these in detail:. When renewable resources are derived from living things like animals and plants these are termed as organic renewable resources. When renewable resources are derived from non-living things, they are termed as inorganic renewable resources. Non-renewable natural resources derived from living organisms are called organic natural resources. One of the examples of this can be fossil fuel.

Non-renewable natural resources derived from non-living things such as wind, minerals, land and soil are known as inorganic natural resources. Natural resources, especially the non-renewable resources, must be used wisely so that these are not depleted from nature. Natural Resources are the resources that have been available in nature since the beginning of the time. These resources make life possible on earth. Life on our planet would not have been possible without natural resources such as air, sunlight and water.

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Other natural resources are also as important and have become an integral part of our life. While natural resources fulfil the basic necessities of man and other living beings on earth, they also form the basis for deriving various things. These things make life easier and comfortable.

Today, man cannot imagine his life without most of these. Here is a look at the various ways in which natural resources are used:. Thus, natural resources are not only useful in their raw form but are also useful when they are employed to generate other stuff.

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Man has certainly made use of these resources in the best possible ways to make life better. Natural resources are a gift of the nature. These are consumed by the living organisms directly as well as indirectly.

Direct consumption of natural resources implies using these resources in their pure form. The best examples of these can be sunlight and oxygen. Indirect consumption of natural resources means using them by modifying them or by generating other goods and services with their help.

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For instance, minerals, wood and many other natural resources are crafted into different materials before putting them to use. Natural Resources offer several uses. Without these, life would not be possible on earth. As per a survey, the developed countries use greater amount of natural resources compared to under-developed countries. Here is how these are used for various purposes:. Natural resources produced by animals are the kind of natural resources that are much in demand.