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These world events could be useful in helping you flesh out a point in your essay. Without such communication, the peace we have today, albeit fragile, might not have been possible.

Harvard drops the SAT essay requirement, what does this mean for your students?

These political events could provide a foundation for you to discuss certain themes such as world peace, conservation and more. She has a strong interest in economic and health policy and has recently returned from a semester of study at Hertford College, Oxford. In high school, her extensive research on standardized tests helped her achieve a near perfect SAT score and perfect scores on each of her SAT Subject tests. Through these blog posts, she hopes to help others achieve test-taking success as well!

The Folly of the SAT Writing Section

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Memorize the examples on your list Try coming up with new examples on the spot Some subject areas that would be useful are History, Literature, and Politics. Some Examples from History: Martin Luther King — courage, sacrifice Ghandi — courage, patience, passive resistance Hitler — revenge, power, corruption, propaganda Abraham Lincoln — honesty, persistence, hard-working, great leader Great Depression — greed, panic, wrong decisions Civil Rights Movement — racial equality, courage, progress.

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I want to send you more tips to help your SAT score, but I need your email address to stay in touch. There are many great examples from history to use for the SAT essay, but here are five that you may already know about. The Roman Empire was among the most powerful civilizations, yet it crumbled into ruin. How can we write about it on the SAT? In the civil war, brother fought brother. Some fought for freedom, others fought for oppression. A time of confusion and argument.

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Moral issues became clouded, making it very flexible evidence for a variety of SAT essay prompts. Forces fighting for change battle with forces of oppression as blacks in the USA fight for freedom and human rights. Ever heard of the Hippies?

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Woodstock was a music festival that represented hopes and dreams for a generation. Peace, love, rebellion, rock music, and a dark side. Ideally, you should have between 5 and 10 well-researched history and literature examples that you feel comfortable writing about, supported by quotations and specific evidence, before the day of the test. Ready to get deeper into thematic analysis, supporting quotations, and broader selections of evidence? Be sure to join my free SAT mailing list before you go! My subscribers get access to exclusive SAT prep tips and bonus content.

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  4. I am taking my SAT tomorrow and I am going through all these examples so that I can provide great evidences to support my essay. I think a lot of students just have no idea what to write about when they first see the SAT essay and get really intimidated and scared!

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