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You pick up a newspaper and you will find at least one or two news about road accidents daily. They cause loss of life as well as material. People need to be more careful when on the road, no matter which mode of transport you are from. Even the ones on foot are not safe because of the rise in these incidences. Every day people witness accidents in the news, from relatives and even with their own eyes.

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Once I was on my way back home from festive shopping when I witnessed a road accident. In the middle of the road, we saw a crowd surrounding something. However, when we reached the spot, we found out an accident had taken place.

After that, we got to know the whole story. A man was crossing the road when a truck hit him leaving him severely injured. The man was lying on the ground bleeding profusely and people were calling for an ambulance. We instantly called up the ambulance but time was running out. Therefore, an auto driver took the man in his auto and rushed to the hospital.

Subsequently, the police arrived as the people had caught the driver and were beating him up. After the police came, they caught hold of the driver and asked about the incident. Later, we came to know that the driver was drunk. The police detained him and went to the hospital for a statement. There is an immediate need for the adoption of government's policies which could change the face of the accidents in the positive manner. The aim to conduct this conference was to follow the path being adopted by the UN assembly resolution and to support the declaration being done in Moscow to improve the safety measures on road.

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This conference was great platform for the government to adopt the measures which are being adopted and technical methods which are better than their methods could be adopted and being implemented to construct a safe world to live in which is free from ant accident. It was a great platform to debate for road safety issues and to discuss them and the measurement for the improvement of safety measures. There should be organization of future events and form a close relationship with transport institutions and the government authorities to work on the topic of road safety which can reduce the number of accidents which took place these days.

The conclusion of this conference come out with the understanding that all the participants that is the countries or the nations which have participated in the conference will follow the guidance given by the United Nations on the road safety measures.

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The accidents which are taking place in the UAE region of Arab countries are getting out of the alarming situation so there is a need of taking protective measures by the government to enhance the education related to the safety adoption during driving to avoid the risk of accident. There are various policies which have been introduced by the UAE government to ensure that there is less number of accidents in the country. There are various system introduced to control the accidents which takes place at the highway like introduction of fine system, black points and application like radars should be installed.

So these systems should be discussed in detail to understand their uniqueness. There is an introduction of fine in various countries for the breaking of traffic rules to control the ongoing accident on the highways or on the street but the fine system which is applied in the United Arab Emirates region is somehow little harsh from other countries because of the diversified atmosphere of that country and the large amount of vehicles running daily from one destination to other.

There are some examples which could be given to show you how strict is the government of UAE. So above points describing fine are some of the fines which have described here very shortly instead they are having a big list of them. The system is introduced with a purpose of reducing the irrelevant trafficking and reduction of accidents which are taking place in the country at the faster rate. Various countries are adopting high tech facilities to control the rate of accidents which is touching the sky.

There are technical gadgets which are available in the market which could detect the speed of a vehicle from few kilometers before which could help in controlling the speeds of the vehicle which is the main reason for the accidents. For example there is radar installed somewhere at the place on highway which used to keep track of the speed of ongoing vehicles and if found some vehicle is running at the speed which too high then the censors of radar will give the indication about it.

This system and other various measures which have been initialized by the government have reduced the rate of accidents which were taking place earlier. You will be shocked through the stats that death due to road accidents in Dubai has fallen short by 27 percent in the first nine months of the last year which are the figures being given by the Road and Transport Authority RTA. There has been loads of effort being given by the UAE ministry of Interior in making the roads safer for the pedestrians and the motorists.

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This system is introduced basically in the UAE in which there are points given on the basis of breaking the rules or committing any mistakes during driving along with the fine being charged. These points collectively if crosses a standard limit which has been specified by the government could result into cancellation of the driving license or could be even worse than that by cancelling the license of the vehicle and taking the vehicle into their custody.

So these were few measures which are being taken by the government of UAE at the superior level to prevail UAE as the Best Global cities in the world by There is a signing of memorandum between Road and Transport Authority RTA and the ministry to involve road safety in the top agenda and to increase improving the driving standards and the safety measures which are being took by the people. The policies which are been introduced by the government or some of them which are in the line are discussed in the above topics but the help or the measures which an individual could take has its own preferences.

There are some policies which could be added in the list of the safety rules can help them a lot to somehow decrease the accidents being taking place at the highway or on the streets. There should be launching of nation wide campaigns which could help in providing information regarding the road safety measures being adopted and to make people aware of the rules which are being introduced in the rule books. There are around injuries and simultaneous deaths on the streets of Dubai and there are 17 deaths which took place weekly in Dubai which is quite shocking with the stats. There are websites which conduct online test to test the knowledge of the road laws of the people which have another purpose also which is to make aware people about various laws and protective measures which they can take while driving.

There should be formation of different associations which could take part in making the rules of road safety implemented in every part of the country and help the government in reducing the rate of accidents and which should provide various new invented measures which could be implemented and will be helpful in decreasing the rate of accidents, the government should take these type of ideas.

There is very sharp division on the speed breakers which are situated on the highways could be placed with the forewarning boards and properly colored which could be seen from a distance but the travelers feel that speed breakers are not necessary on the highways but the villagers which understands the necessity of the breakers for their safety from the fast running vehicles. So these ways we have seen the division of mentality. Road safety has gained more significance due to the increasing number of vehicles on roads.

If we follow the road safety rules properly, many accidents can be prevented.

Essay on Road Accidents: Causes and Remedies to Reduce Road Accidents

Wearing helmets, riding vehicles within the appropriate speed limits, and using seat belts are some essential things that everyone should remember. Even the kids in schools are taught the basic rules of road safety, such as understanding the traffic lights and walking on the zebra lines or on the left side of the road. We should never use cell phones while crossing the road. Practicing the road safety rules is for our own benefit. After all, God has given us this precious gift of life. We must protect it by all means and not make any reckless decision to ruin it.

Road safety refers to the procedures for ensuring safety on our roads. Road users refer to vehicle owners, motorcyclists, commercial vehicles and pedestrians. Lots of lives have been lost and families have been destroyed because of road mishaps. Some of these unfortunate incidents could have been prevented or stopped with proper safety precautions. This article explains how we can stop this menace. To minimize common road accidents like car crashes, there are several precautionary road safety steps that can be taken.

Make sure that you always wear seat belts when children are in car seats. Also, more importantly, do not get behind any wheel unless you are licensed by your country as fit enough to drive. Distractions are dangerous while driving and have led to the loss of lives. Hence, speaking on the phone while driving should be prohibited.

Health care facilities should be close to roads at different sections and should be sufficiently equipped. These are to aid in providing excellent medical care to road victims. While the above-mentioned rules are specific, there are some general rules to keep in mind when driving or using public roads in general.

It is important to sensitize the general public about the importance of road safety. This will further help create awareness and reduce accident rates and road mishaps. This can be done through seminars and education of children about the rules guiding road safety and consequences of flouting it. With the increasing road network, increasing number of vehicles, increasing traffic mess and increasing vehicle speeds, it is very important. Road accidents have become common — everyday media is filled with new road accidents — and fatalities are very high.

It is estimated that around 1 million people die each year in road accidents. Pedestrians, cycle riders, bike riders, car and other vehicle users throng the roads daily for everyday chores that puts their lives to risk. Road safety refers to all efforts to prevent the road accidents and protect the road users from getting injured or killed. The key goal of road safety measures is to minimize the accidents of all kinds. There are many types of signs for road safety on the roads such as prohibitory, warning, service, information, direction, electric lines, repair work, hospital, school, and so on.

Signage also include welcome, express way, freeway, route, street name, toll, road condition, speed limits and cultural signs.

Essay on A road accident

The signals, manual or automated, are also used on the roads to control traffic and pedestrians movement for the safety of all. In addition, efforts shall be made for safe road designs, road condition maintenance, safe driving skills, safe vehicle designs and safety gadgets in vehicles to prevent accidents. The safety of people and resources while on road is what road safety is all about. This may sound like a small subject but it is surprising that we see so many road-related deaths every day in different parts of our country.

There are many factors which attribute to this high rate of deaths from not following the rules to ignorance about the importance of road safety. While travelling on roads whether on foot or by using vehicles of our choice we often tend to be very casual in obeying the laws of the land. That is why perhaps so many lives are lost just because of our casual attitude towards road safety.

On an average, more than people die of road related accidents in India every year. In fact on a daily basis around 16 children lose their lives on roads in our country.