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However, this reality was long kept from the knowledge of the civilians at home, who continued to write about the noble pursuit of heroic ideals in old patriotic slogans Anthology Those poets who were involved on the front soon realized the full horror of war, which is reflected in their poetic techniques, diction, and imaginations It was the first major war near bye Europe for hundreds of years.

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It sparked fantasies of becoming a war hero in young boys' and men's minds and because the government had assured everyone that the war would be over by Christmas, those young boys and men decided to join up in an attempt not to miss the excitement of war. Little did they know that they were being led to an untimely death at the hands of Germany Research Papers words 9.

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Each and every war has had an effect on those who lived through it, and those who fought in it. Poets write about what effects, and inspires them. If they were soldiers in war they often times have a strong opinion of war. This comes out in their poetry. Free Essays words 1. War Poetry. War Poetry Length: words 1.

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Essay about The Reality of War in Various Poetry

Essay on Wilfred Owen's War Poetry - Wilfred Owen's War Poetry If Wilfred Owen's war poetry had one main aim, it would be to expose "the old lie": that war is always a good and justified thing and that it is a good thing to die for one's country. Wilfred Owen's War Poetry Essay - 1.

Essay on War Poetry - War has occurred in several occasions throughout history. Search Term:. The poet then goes on to describe the settings of the farm and the background to it. He sets the scene of a peaceful beautiful place.

Does It Matter by Siegfried Sassoon - World War Poems

I think he does this for a number of reasons. Firstly, I think he does it just to set the background to show the reader where the boy lived and what his family were like. Another reason could be that he is showing to the reader that these are just ordinary people who really have no interest in fighting. However, I think the message that Walt Whitman is really trying to portray, is the fact that everything is serene and going brilliantly until this letter arrives. He is trying to get across the idea that this war destroys normal families and stops them being happy. Imagine this, your year-old son is in war, fighting for the sake of your country and your people.

You are finally about to reunite with him after a long wait for his return.

Imagine this, you receive a knock at your door 1 week before you were promised that your son, who is fighting for war, will be returning back home safely. Imagine how this would feel…. In the eyes of children the world is simple — black and white. However, even in America, the world is not an evenhanded place. Everyday innocent people go to jail and criminals walk free. The justice system is not perfect and that is a reality children learn as they evolve into adults.

Nonetheless there are periods of history in which the injustices that occurred are unfathomable and irreconcilable to even cynical observers. These injustices range from slavery and genocide to political…. The title of this poem is very powerful.

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It tells the reader that this is a very sad poem and that by going to war death is almost certain. Sassoon has done this to give the reader an idea of war, and, as the reader reads the poem their insight into the brutality and the sorrow of war increases. The first paragraph of this poem tells of the slow death of a soldier as the sun rises. Sassoon has skilfully manipulated language and his choice of words in order to create a visual image that is slowly….


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The Realities of War In our everyday existence, we are faced with the challenges of the realities of life. Often times we hide our true character in order for those to believe that all is fine in our world. There are no exceptions; all people cover up their actual feelings for different reasons.

One reason may be to shelter others from the cruel certainty, or another to portray a perfect life, but in reality, it is non-existence. One author who demonstrates this common….