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In what ways are those virtues distinctively Hobbit-like? What are some of the various powers Gandalf displays throughout the novel?

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Which of these is the most effective in the conflict against Mordor? How does Tolkien use the geography of Middle-earth to contribute to the themes he explores in the Ring-quest? What are their distinguishing characteristics? How do their different physical appearances relate to their personalities, beliefs, customs, and so on?

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Few female characters are mentioned in The Lord of the Rings. Describe some of the various appearances of female characters. How does Tolkien depict women? Is this depiction intended to be realistic?

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Its pretty cool to listen to the lectures in between chapters. You can get the rundown and PDF copy of Parma Endorion , a collection of essays on Middle Earth [Edited] written by Michael Martinez : Some of them are just great background and reference information about the people, culture, and geographies of Arda.

Happy reading! I just wrote up a lengthy, detailed response with a lot of essays, but I failed to read one important sentence in your post: "less interested in backstory or linguistics. Almost everything I was linking to was backstory or linguistics haha.

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I did an independent study on Tolkien in college and learning more about the man helped me understand the world he created in a new way. But if that doesn't interest you, that's ok! The good news is, there are a couple of great links in the comments here that do provide what you are wanting. The even better news is, if you get interested, I've found that Middle Earth gets richer the further you dig.

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So keep digging! Paul Kocher's Master of Middle-earth, published in before the Silmarillion came out but still one of the best studies out there, devotes one terrific chapter to a character study of Aragorn.

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Favorite essays on Lord of the Rings to enhance my first reread in many years? I'd like to see your suggestions!