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Through his rhetorical choices of sentence length, vivid imagery, symbolism and historical examples, X develops the three persuasive appeals, pathos, ethos and logos. Malcolm X attacks the white man for the hardships that the blacks of the United States have to endure Today, African Americans unarmed are being killed for no reason; for an example the Trayon Martin case and the Mike Brown case. Malcom X in the ss preached about how African Americans were treated differently and view On February 21, , Malcolm X was assassinated after delivering a speech to the Organisation the spelling used by the group of African-American Unity.

Four men were involved in the assassination, but only one was convicted: Talmadge Hayer a. Thomas Hagan. The theory accepted by most historians is that the government ordered the assassination of Malcolm X. There is significant evidence to support this theory.

One key component in the government theory is the New York Bureau of Special Autobiography of Malcolm X 1. What is the meaning of the title? Does it have a surface or deeper meaning?

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During his lifetime he went through several significant changes in his lifestyle and beliefs. Many of these things were influenced by his travels, life events and who he came into contact with. Malcolm is an intelligent black man, that demonstrates great leadership, ambition and is well at showing his aggressiveness in a calmly manner. Malcolm feels that the world views black people as lesser than individuals to the white man.

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He tries to escape this feeling by moving to different places but eventually realizes he ca not escape the truth. Minor characters that stood out to me in the book was Laura, Cassius Clay, and Elijah Malcolm X realized the importance of this message, saying "Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today" " Malcolm X ". His goal Malcolm X The history of the United States has in it much separation or segregation due to race. For a long time our country has seen racism as a large problem and this has caused ethnic groups to be looked down upon or forced into a lifestyle of difficulties and suppression.

Due to this, races, particularly African-Americans, have been forced to deal with unequal opportunity and poverty, leading to less honorable ways of getting by and also organizations that support change. Malcolm X is Speeches during this period served as a means to inspire and assemble a specific group of people, for Dr. Although both leaders possessed the same objectives, their outlooks and This quote is explaining the aspects needed to pull off a robbery easily.

It is this type of content that makes this book questionable to public viewing. Upon reading this book I was unable to understand why it was banned. I realized then that Identity formation is the development of the distinct personality of an individual regarded as a persisting entity. While watching the movie, Malcolm X , starring Denzel Washington as Malcolm , he shows many stages of identity formation.

His whole life, he went by taking chances.

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The choices and decisions he made either ended good of ended bad. By the end of the movie, it ended in While both these men had very different views and ideas, they also shared similarities. Part of the reason for their different views was because one was in the South and the other was in the North. Martin saw a Dream that could be fulfilled in the South and Malcolm saw a Nightmare, which would never end in the North.

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Martin and Malcolm were raised in very different homes. However, there were many other civil rights activists who were fairly popular at the time, but vaguely remembered. Malcolm Little grew up in a home where his father was a preacher who supported black nationalism and the beliefs of Marcus Garvey, and his mother was a home-maker. While he was a small Martin Luther King, Jr. Although these men both possess contrasting beliefs, together they sparked a social transition that would affect I was a time when black people, who were politely called Negroes in those days, were expected to sit at the back of the bus.

Worst of all, black people in America Education comes from attending elementary; middle school, high school, and college. However education can also come from home if the education is legitimate. In Malcolm X's "A Homemade Education," Malcolm discusses his struggles between the language on his childhood streets growing up and the These men changed lives and stood up for millions of Africans and African Americans during their short lives.

They also believed that black people in the United States as well as Africans mainly in South Africa deserved the same rights and equality as any other man in the world. They lived through the rough era They are revolutionary men. They fought battles against a bigoted nation. They fought for what they believed was right. The two gentlemen however fought very different battles although they seem to be fighting the same prejudice.

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The opinions Malcolm X was one of the greatest influential African Americans the world has ever known. While in the midst of giving Malcolm X is an influential human being and has taught us all that we deserve to be equal. He was one of. These injustices were the founding principles of the injustice Malcolm X fought to eradicate from American society. Growing up after his father died, Malcolm X moved from home to home. His mother could no longer support the family, causing the family to separate into different homes.

Being sent from home to home, Malcolm X saw the differences between white and black society, and he learned to work within that system. Continuing to grow, he saw more and more. Malcolm delivered possibly one of the most powerfully imbued speeches of the Civil Rights movement. Malcolm uses loaded language, multiple appeals, parallelism, and symbolism to achieve his claim, that black votes could alter the elections outcome.

Malcolm Little was exposed. Malcolm X was an African-American Muslim minister, leader and human rights activist. During the Civil Rights Movement of the s and 60s Malcolm X became one of the most prominent advocates for the rights. In this world there are some people that can 't afford to go to school or just don 't have the chance to got to school for an opportunity at life. Malcolm X and Frederick Douglass both of these people always had a courage to read in order to understand what it is to be literate. These two gentlemen are from two separate generations. Malcolm X and Frederick Douglass both had the courtesy to become literate.

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These two men were imprisoned in a way because they could not go anywhere. They were both. Malcolm X wanted to make a change and he knew he had to be articulate to do so. Although his ways and thoughts of achieving freedom for blacks differed from most, Malcolm ideas and beliefs were on similar levels with the other activists.

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Malcolm X was an advocate for this movement and although he was a Muslim, he wanted people to look past religious differences in order to end segregation and racial discrimination in America. The interview was conducted by Alex Haley, who later was the co-author of The Autobiography of Malcolm X after which he wrote his own ground breaking tour de force, Roots.

The interview provided an opportunity for Malcolm X, spiritual and political leader, to present his views and beliefs on his role in the civil rights. Malcolm X and Willow both decided to convert to the Islamic religion. Willow immersed herself in a different community Cairo and faced some consequences due to her ethnicity and distance from home United States.

Similar to Willow, Malcolm X became involved with the Islamic community, but faced some barriers for his distinct beliefs and perspectives from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Nevertheless, if Willow could have interviewed. From my early childhood, Malcolm X was my hero. I remember making a puppet of him when I was 6 and presented his accomplishments to my first grade class.

His legacy made me proud to be a Black Muslim. It was difficult for me to understand that he was assassinated by his own people. He was once the face of the Nation of Islam. The brought him up from. Born on May 19, , in Omaha, Nebraska, Malcolm X was a prominent black nationalist leader who served as a spokesman for the Nation of Islam during the s and '60s.