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Cabbage, kale, broccoli, and cauliflower were all products of this selective breeding, making them all the same plant. Skeletal anatomy of a harbor seal. Rib cage. R-naught is the average number of people infected from one other person, for example, ebola has an r-naught of two, so on average for every one person who has ebola they will pass it on the two other people. This is the Rh-positive blood cell. This is the Rh-negative blood cell. These are the antigens on the Rh-positive blood cell that make it positive. The antigens allow the positive blood cell to attach to specific antibodies.

Possible advantage of being heterozygous for sickle cell anemia disease A vs. Tree cankers right are caused by injuries to the bark that allow pathogens or insects in to infect the tree. Compared above is a healthy tree and segment left to a tree infected and containing a canker. In a Y-linked disorder, only males can be affected. If the father is affected all sons will be affected. It also does not skip a generation.

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In mitochondrial disorders if is only passed on if the mother is affected. If the mother is affected, all offspring will be affected. If the father is affected, he does not pass it on to his offspring.

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Both parents can not express the trait, however, if both are carriers, their offspring can express the trait. Autosomal recessive disorders typically skip a generation, so affected offspring typically have unaffected parents. With an autosomal recessive disorder, both males and females are equally likely to be affected. One parent must have the disorder for its offspring to be affected. Both males and females are equally likely to be affected, so it is an autosomal disorder. Males are more likely to be affected than females.

Affected sons typically have unaffected mothers.

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The father also must be affected for daughter to be affected and the mother must be affected or a carrier for the daughter to be affected. The disorder is also never passed from father to son. Only females can be carriers for the disorders. X-linked recessive disorders also typically skip a generation. If the father is affected all daughter will be affected and no sons will be affected. Is when the Bacteria uses Glucose as food source. Is when the Glucose is used up. Transcription of the lac operon is started. The Reintroduction of Glucose. Shells of pteropods dissolve in increasingly acidic conditions caused by increased amounts of atmospheric CO 2.

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Pistol shrimp claw action. This graph of "Acceptable Testosterone Levels in Females and Males Compared to a Hypothetical Athlete" shows a situation in which the hypothetical athlete above may be a female with hyperandrogenism , higher than normal levels of testosterone , and would be subjected to sex verification tests and possibly forced to undergo aggressive treatments. As muscles contract, Calcium ions release from the sarcoplasmic reticulum by release channels.

These channels close and calcium pumps open to relax muscles. After extended exercise the release channels can begin to leak and cause for muscle fatigue. In Alopecia areata, a hair follicle is attacked by the immune system. T-cells swarm the roots, killing the follicle. This causes the hair to fall out and parts of the head to bald. This image depicts a set of ovaries, one of which is normally functioning left , and healthy, whilst the other one is suffering apoplexy, or the hemorrhaging of an organ.

The ovary on the right's surface has been breached, and is bleeding. It has been cut off from the body's supply of nutrients and necrosis has set in. Apoplexy can also happen in the brain and the stomach. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome 1. Alcohol consumed EtOH 2.

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Alcohol crosses into the placenta. Alcohol Metabolizes. FAEE detected in meconium. Macrophages consume antigens, and present their shape on the surface.

Phases of Meiosis

T cells attach to these antigens to create T Helper cells, so antibodies can be created by B cells, Effector B cells, Memory B cells, and Killer T cells can rid all infected cells. When eyes receive light from the sun, the pineal gland's production of melatonin is inhibited and the hormones produced keep the human awake. When the eyes do not receive light, melatonin is produced in the pineal gland and the human becomes tired.

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Phagocytosis and exocytosis can play an important role in nonspecific immune response. In phagocytosis, involving the destruction of pathogens, the pathogens are surrounded and then engulfed through endocytosis.

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The vacuole then forms and closes around the pathogens. In exocytosis, the lysosome and vacuole fuse together which allows enzymes to destroy pathogens. Debris from the pathogens is then released from the cell. Fish breath underwater by using a special pump-like organ called gills which are filled with blood. These gills force water out of the fish and allow for dissolved oxygen in the water to pass through to the bloodstream. A rostral hook is characterized by the first premolar developing a growth that precedes the adjacent tooth.

This diagram depicts a rostral hook of the upper first premolar, however a rostral hook can also affect the lower first premolar as well. This diagram depicts a caudal hook on the lower last molar, however the upper last molar can also develop a caudal hook. This picture shows the structure of a microtubule filament which creates shape in an eukaryotic cell. This image shows the structure of a microfilament, which creates the structure in the cytoskeleton of an eukaryotic cell.

The cycle of synthesis and degradation of ATP; 1 and 2 represent output and input of energy, respectively. This picture shows the structure of an Intermediate Filament, which creates the structure of the cytoskeleton in an eukaryotic cell. The stages of germination of a pea plant.

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Seed Coat B. Radicle C. Primary Root D. Secondary Root E.

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