8 characteristics of critical thinking

Objectivity : Good Critical Thinkers are able to stay objective.

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Do you want to practice your Critical Thinking? Subscribe and receive new Insights before we publish them on this website. It engages open-minded learners more actively by examining ideas and concepts from many angles and accepting that answers may vary from what was originally predicted. It is a decision-making process that allows you to think comprehensively, accept sound ideas and reject flawed ones.


Critical Thinking Education with Chinese Characteristics

Applying the key features of critical thinking below can foster intellectual independence. Evidence is crucial for debating and proving an argument, hypothesis or idea. Critical thinking examines, compares, judges and establishes the validity of evidence. Look carefully at the evidence. For example, determine if a case study or experiment is recent and has intrinsic value.

An authoritative and credible source, such as an academic journal, will likely have more merit than a tabloid newspaper. Questions define, lead and direct your agenda. Critical thinking involves asking questions about information collected and the resulting conclusions, and it asks the right questions to determine if data is accurate and unbiased.

CRITICAL THINKING - Fundamentals: Introduction to Critical Thinking [HD]

A position or claim must be justified, so ask powerful and probing questions that avoid one-dimensional thinking. Analytic thinking examines the different parts of something in order to understand or explain it.

Critical Thinking: The Development of an Essential Skill for Nursing Students

Such thinking determines how parts fit together as a whole and recognizes biases such as prejudice or deeply-held values and beliefs that might cloud an idea or argument. Analytical thinkers evaluate the strengths and shortcomings of their own thinking as well as the thoughts of others through reasoning and comparing similarities and differences of ideas.

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Conceptualizing is the understanding and ability to form an idea. It brings together observation, experience and data through mental imagery.

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